Azure Government adds Azure Backup

February 1, 2016 jason Uncategorized 0 Comments

As part of our continued momentum with new capabilities on Microsoft Azure Government, we are excited to announce backup of your Azure IaaS VMs using Azure Backup. Protection of Azure IaaS VMs will help number of government customers in state and local, federal civilian and defense, plus over a hundred solution partners with dedicated government practices to leverage the cloud for critical business needs by backing up their assets on cloud.

We also enabled Microsoft Azure Backup server, a feature of Azure Backup to protect workloads to disk and cloud, for all Azure Government customers. Customers can leverage this Microsoft Azure Backup server to backup their key Microsoft workloads like SQL, SharePoint and Exchange to Azure.

Backup of Azure IaaS VM

Azure IaaS VM backup provides application consistent backups, with zero ongoing maintenance and infrastructure deployment for backup. Azure Backup transfers snapshots taken on a IaaS VM to a secure, reliable Azure Backup vault and can restore the VM in a single click.

Configure Azure IaaS VM Backup

Microsoft Azure Backup server

Microsoft Azure Backup server enables backup of Microsoft SQL Server, Hyper-V VMs, SharePoint Server, Microsoft Exchange and Windows Clients. Customers with tier 1 workloads like Microsoft SQL Server can benefit from Microsoft Azure Backup Server by choosing disk backups for better RPOs and RTOs. They can continue to backup to Azure for long-term retention using disk-disk-cloud backup strategy.

Getting started with Microsoft Azure Backup Server

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