Microsoft loves Linux: Deep dive blog series

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We’ve recently completed a 12-part series of blog posts about running and managing Linux and FreeBSD in an on-premises datacenter. While this is the Azure blog, these posts may be relevant to you in two areas:

  1. You may have a hybrid environment, with some elements running in the Azure public cloud and other elements running in your datacenter or a host datacenter. Understanding how Microsoft enables Linux workloads on-premises is a useful companion to the Linux workloads you run in Azure.
  2. Many of the core capabilities for running and managing Linux and FreeBSD on-premises also show up in Azure. Running Linux on Hyper-V is fundamental to running Linux in Azure since Azure is based on Hyper-V. Aspects such as Linux networking performance on Hyper-V are directly reflected in Linux network performance in Azure. Management technologies such as PowerShell DSC for Linux show up in Azure offerings such as Azure Automation. Understanding these core capabilities can inform how the Azure functionality works.

Check out the series below.


Running Linux and FreeBSD as a guest operating system on Hyper-V

Managing Linux and UNIX using System Center and PowerShell DSC


Source: Microsoft Azure News

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