We have over 10 years of software experience and can provide valuable insight into your software projects needs. From start ups to mature software projects grappling with growth we have the expertise to take your software platform to the next level.

Architectural Reviews

Software development is a forest of technologies and techniques and sometimes steering and committing to a development course can become confusing. Engaging a 3rd party to provide an independent review of your architectures and give a clearer definition of where you are heading can add value to your project in a myriad of ways.

Benefits of this style of review include:

  • Ensure you are using the right technology in the right way.
  • Inject ideas and inspire your team to go in new directions.
  • Win support from management by creating a clear plan of priorities.
  • Learn from others insight into common problems and new technologies.

As dedicated technologists who have been in the industry for over 10 years we have learnt how to deal with new technologies and transform old ones to make your products cutting edge.

Cloud Migration

The cloud is becoming an ever important technology that businesses can leverage to speed up their product development, reduce running costs and increase the flexibility of their services. We have some invaluable experience in the cloud environment and know how to apply this to your applications.

If you are looking to leverage the cloud in your business give us a call today.

Software Development

We have experience with development of products ranging from small WordPress single page sites to large scale systems in the order of 250k SLOC (Source Lines of Code). Each project is unique but we aim to move with the times, leveraging proven technologies and structuring product development around software teams.

Testing & Test Automation

As any good development team knows you can never do enough testing. Unfortunately there is never going to be an endless budget to get products out. Weather building a new greenfield products or taking over an old beast if you don’t have a well structured testing plan it can be difficult to meet expectations.

We have experience with numerous testing processes including unit testing, code coverage, performance profiling and client UI automated testing and can add value to almost any project. We have experience with numerous frameworks including Selenium, Microsoft Unit Testing framework and PEX (Automatic unit test discovery).

Team Development

From experience the biggest problem with growing software products is how to size a team appropriately. In most cases adding new developers isn’t enough and a structural approach needs to be taken to grow the product. Avoiding technical conflict between development teams is important to allow the product to grow and particular strategies can be put in to restructure teams around this paradigm.

Support & Account Management